Collocations of 'advertisement' (n)

Collocations:  Collocations of 'advertisement' (n)  Read the following story: If you need to check various job advertisements , buy a newspaper. Actually, many job advertisements are placed in newspapers . There is also television or radio advertisements . Advertisements vary in terms of size. There are full-page advertisements, half-page advertisements, and even two-page advertisements . After reading a job advertisement, you can reply to it if you are interested. Various media run a series of advertisements for their listeners, readers or viewers.  Write the story  Use the following collocations to write your own story:  (1) a job advertisement  (2) put/place an advertisement in a newspaper  (3) a newspaper/television/radio advertisement  (4) a full-page/half-page/two-page advertisement (5) answer/reply to an advertisement  (6) run a series of advertisements (= print or broadcast a series of them 


Form Two National Assessment (FTNA) will consist of one (1) paper of 2:30 hours duration. There will be 10 questions distributed in sections A, B, C and D. Students will be required to answer all questions in each section. SECTION A: COMPREHENSION AND SUMMARY There will be two (2) questions in this section. 1. Question one (1) will have two parts; part (a) will involve reading a passage and respond to 5 short answer items and part (b) will involve reading the same passage and responding to 5 True/False items. Each short answer in part (a) will weigh two (2) marks; while each True/False item in part (b) will weigh one (1) mark. 2. Question two (2) will involve reading a short passage and transferring information to a table or filling-in-blank spaces. Each item in question two will weigh one (1) mark. The whole section will carry twenty (20) marks. SECTION B: LANGUAGE USE The section will consist of three (3) questions. 3. One question will be on matching Items. 4. Second questi

QUESTION: Should we use English or Kiswahili as language of instruction for Primary and Secondary schools in Tanzania?

RESPONSE:  REASON Dear, #EnglishBitByBit members, this question has been dabeted countless times by various educational stakeholders including famous linguists of this country and abroad. I also remember that AT the University we were asked to present a paper on this topic, and numbers didn't lie. Many students supported Kiswahili. The main reason has always been ' the content can well be delivered to students if they are in his/her own (developed) language '. And Kiswahili is one of African languages that has been well documented and developed. On top of that, Kiswahili has recently been gaining various promotions in Africa and abroad. WHAT SHOULD ENGLISH TEACHERS DO? Here, English teachers has to teach English Language step by step from Kindergarten to Secondary schools. In fact, when Kiswahili gets this rank as language of instruction, English Language will obviously remain as a separate subject which should be taught systematically. That's why, current syllabus is c

4 Components of a good paragraph

(1)  Topic sentence (commonly known as 'Point') (2)  Explanation of the topic sentence though it is sometimes unnecessary. (3)  Elaboration of the topic sentence. (4)  An example and conclusion of the topic sentence. Check Full Notes on Components of a Good Paragraph Kachele Online ,  Learn English bit by bit ,  and  Kachele Diary    are blogs which bring English Language Learners, English Language Teachers and General Knowledge seekers together. The blogs' contents are also extensively shared through various platforms like: Facebook Facebook Page Kachele Online Page Facebook Group Twitter Pinterest LinkedIn , & My Google Business English Language Notes: Form One English Notes Form Two English Notes Form Three English Notes Form Four English Notes and many  more .

5 Facts About #EBBB Platform

Fact #1 : We sometimes get difficulties talking to our own students, BUT through private practice on #EBBB platform(or any individual study), we can be better.  Fact #2 : We sometimes get difficulties to talk to our fellow teachers, BUT through #EBBB , we can get better. Fact #3 : #EBBB (or any individual study) is like a kitchen where we can be cooked before being served for consumption.  Fact #4 : #EBBB (or any individual study) is like playing ground where we can get warmed up before the real match.  Fact #5 : #EBBB (or any individual study) is like a bathroom where we can wash up ourselves, come out clean, and attract everyone.  Final Words : Learning doesn't disappoint. Learning means taking in. Learning doesn't mean losing. Take your time. Earn your wisdom today. Use it in the future when you are old. 

Sympathy vs Empathy: Differences

Definitions Sympathy Refers to the shared feeling or feeling pity or sorry for someone or something. It means kindness or onsolation. Empathy Refers to the ability to feel what another person is feeling (that is, to be exactly in their shoes). Empathy goes beyond Sympathy. For example, when someone feels when his son is sick. Differences   Therefore, sympathy is just a simple expression of concern for another person's misfortune or loss. For instance, when you wish someone to be better when they are sick. But empathy goes deeper and beyond the simple consolation. 

Language & Literature: Differences

Language is a mode of communication among people of a particular community. Literature is the communicative channel between author and his/her audience in a particular literary genre. Therefore , language needs literature to develop and literature needs language to reach its targeted audience.